About Superset. A Band.

See us next at , - 1st January 1970

We are Superset: a Leeds based indie 'n' blues quartet. Together since 1992 in some form or other, we enjoyed a modicum of local fame in the mid 90s as Sleepwalker - during which time we headlined gigs at In The City in Dublin and Sound City in Leeds.

Since then, we've got fat, got married (not to each other) had kids and given up chasing stardom to concentrate on creating an entertaining live sound and enjoying the shit out of gigging. Down the years, we've supported acts as diverse (and weird) as Credit to the Nation, Pele and The Selector and continue to ply our trade at venues throughout the North with a mix of original music, plus classic rock and indie tunes from Elvis to The Raconteurs.

Oh - and sometimes we bring a burlesque act

Check out the gigs page to see where you can catch us in future, or if you're looking for a band to fill a slot we're available for sale or rent!

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